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- November Training Opportunities
- Tax Law Changes
- Co-op Spotlight
- Paying Foreign-National Visitors
- BSC Notes

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November Training Opportunities

Course Number


Date & Time



HSC Location


Employee Recognition and Engagement

November 14, 2012
1:30pm to 3:00pm

Chilton 245
Discovery Park B155


Lib 142


Asset User Training

November 15, 2012
8:30am to 10:30am

USB Room 138



  • Employee Recognition and Engagement: This session provides information on employee recognition and employee engagement and how the two are intertwined. It also provides some guidance on how to increase employee engagement. It will address issues such as:
      - Why recognize?
      - How does this impact the bottom line?
      - What can managers do?
      - What programs are already in place at your institution?
  • Asset User: Staff members who maintain asset information for their department will learn the responsibilities of the asset user and reporting activities for asset management at UNT. Attendees will learn how to maintain asset information (condition and location) in EIS-FS and how to conduct the annual asset inventory required by all departments. This course is facilitated by Asset Management.


Quest Diagnostics No Longer Covered as a Lab Provider

As of September 1, 2012, Quest Diagnostics – a lab provider – is no longer a provider in the HealthSelect of Texas network. 

UNT System employees are reminded that HealthSelect – the UNT System insurance plan provider – has two levels of coverage: network and non-network. When employees use a network lab, employees will not have a deductible and are only responsible for 20 percent of the contracted amount. This is called co-insurance.

When employees use a non-network lab, employees are responsible for a $500 per person deductible plus 40 percent of the total charges. If Quest Diagnostics or another non-network provider is used, employees will pay more.

To avoid non-network charges, it is important to use HealthSelect network providers whenever possible. Employees are encouraged to ask what lab provider the employee’s physician uses, and request a lab that is in network. For a list of network labs and other providers, visit

For questions regarding HealthSelect providers please visit the HealthSelect website or call 866-336-9371.

Internal Revenue Work Pay Tax Cut Expires December 31, 2012

Beginning in January 2013, employees at UNT System institutions may notice a change in net pay on their monthly paycheck. The Making Work Pay tax cut implemented in 2010 is set to expire December 31, 2012. The tax cut reduced the percentage of Social Security Tax from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent. 

Tips for Paying Foreign National Visitors

The following tips are provided for using the Foreign National Information Form, and outlining payment methods for foreign national students or guest-presenters.

The UNT System Foreign National Information Form is for use at all campuses and should be attached to any requisition or payroll forms where payment is being made to a foreign national.

  • Prior to negotiating for services and/or payment terms, ensure the individual’s immigration status is reviewed.
  • For an individual with a non-US citizen-tax status, have the individual complete the Foreign National Information Form.
  • Contact Jim Webb, UNT System Tax Accountant, for approval and to determine the necessary forms required.
  • Preferred payment types:
    • For speakers, workshop participants, etc.: a check payment at the time of services is preferred
    • For paying in funds other than US dollars or when sending payment to a foreign country: wire transfer is preferred and the paying department should complete the Special Handling Form. Other special requests such as contracts, rush payments, rush purchase orders, and prepayments should be indicated in the justification/comments section of the requisition and do not require the submission of this form.

The Foreign National Information form is available on the Business Service Center website at

 Requesting Refunds

When submitting a check request for any type of refund to be processed, UNT System employees are reminded to also include a copy of the deposit information (receipt) from Student Accounting & University Cashiering Services to ensure the refund is coded properly. 

The Check Request form is available on the Business Service Center website at In general, use the check request form to request an accounting transaction, a refund, or a reduction of revenue. Submit the form to the BSC Payments area with supporting documentation to

After-the-Fact Purchases

After-the-Fact (ATF) purchases, also known as confirming orders, are defined as situations where vendors provided the goods or services based on advisement from a department faculty or staff member prior to purchase order (PO) dispatch by an authorized buyer in BSC Purchasing.

The UNT System is obligated to make payment for goods and services only when BSC Purchasing, by issuing a purchase order, obligates the funds. Any other commitments are considered as unauthorized purchases and the individual may encounter a personal obligation to the vendor.  

Effective immediately, all ATF’s will be tracked by the BSC. Each requisition identified as an ATF will be “flagged” as such, and an email notice of the infraction will be sent to both the individual submitting the requisition (ePro Coordinator) and the deptID/projID manager responsible for the approval of the requisition. Once monthly, the listing of all ATFs will be submitted to the appropriate vice president/dean for each unit within the UNT System, and the UNT System Vice Chancellor for Finance.

Requisitions sent to BSC Purchasing after ordering products or services from a vendor, as a general rule, should be avoided. There are a few instances where a confirming order is unavoidable and would therefore be considered acceptable. 

A few examples are included below. Employees in doubt are encouraged to contact their buyer in BSC Purchasing for more assistance:

  • Business Meals
  • Cost sharing with outside organizations
  • Legal services with accompanying Attorney General (AG) forms
  • Medical Payments
  • Services based on performance
  • Personal licenses
  • Royalty/Intellectual property payments
  • UNT Press

Regardless of reason, confirming orders are never allowed with state (appropriated) funds.

Employees with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the BSC at 940-369-5500, toll free at 855-868-4357, or via email to

Co-op Spotlight – Tarrant County Cooperative

A number of state and privately sponsored buying cooperatives offer special pricing. Purchasing from a cooperative or taking advantage of a state contract may exempt the purchase from bidding requirements. To find a complete list of the cooperative agreements available for University of North Texas System member institutions, access

Highlighted in this issue is the Tarrant County Cooperative. According to, Tarrant County is the third largest county in Texas, containing more political subdivisions than any other county in Texas and the Tarrant County Cooperative began in 1996. The size of Tarrant county and the volume of government purchases is what allows the co-op to seek lower costs from vendors. The co-op includes goods ranging from janitorial supplies to fleet vehicles to fuel cards. There is no cost to participate in the Tarrant County Coop, and end-users are responsible for generating their own requisitions.

Learn more about the Tarrant County Cooperative by clicking here. 

Purchasing Reminders
 Summer 2012 Customer Service Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the BSC Customer Survey in June 2012. The survey results provided feedback that enabled the BSC to make future plans with our customers’ needs and expectations in mind.

The overall trends identified from the results indicate customers are pleased with the service provided by BSC employees and the partnership approach demonstrated by the organization.
Through the feedback, the BSC recognized a need to strengthen communication to customers, improve responsiveness to customer inquiries, and increase consistency on information provided. The BSC has already implemented various measures to address these issues, including increased communication channels, standards for returning customer emails and phone calls, and additional training on business practices.

Stay Informed

Occasionally, the BSC will send updates to employees to announce a new program, changes to procedures, or reminders about deadlines. In order to stay up-to-date with news from the BSC, UNT System employees are encouraged subscribe to BSC Updates online at

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