Payroll Resources

The resources and job aides below are provided to assist you in understanding payroll policy and practices.  Items are listed in alphabetical order.  The type of items you will find on this resource list includes links to outside sources and visual job aides.  All forms are available in the BSC Form Library.

Applicable to All Institutions:

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Self Service Portal - The portal is designed to provide a central web location where UNT community members can access the Enterprise Information System (EIS) and other available online services using a single login. You can view university news, events, information resources and your Human Resources information and services. Employee Self Service is available through the portal, as well as links to the myfs, myls, and cognos systems. An EUID (Enterprise User ID) is required to log onto the Portal.
  • Social Security Administration

UNT, UNT Dallas and UNT System Administration:

UNT Health Science Center:

UNT Dallas College of Law

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Sign Up to Receive the W-2 Form Electronically

  1. Click on the appropriate "Self Service" link above 
  2. Login by entering your EUID and password
  3. Click on the Human Resources tab
  4. Click on "Direct Deposit" under the
  5. Payroll & Compensation section
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  7. Logout.
  1. Click on the appropriate "Self Service" link above
  2. Login by entering your EUID and password
  3. Click on the Human Resources tab
  4. In the Employee Self-Service Box, click on “Consent to Electronic W-2” under the Payroll & Compensation section
  5. Scroll through and read the consent agreement.
  6. Check the box to indicate your consent and click “Submit”.
  7. Logout.

Employees Can Now Establish an Additional Direct Deposit of Their Paycheck

The ability for UNT System employees to establish an additional direct deposit authorization from their paycheck into a second bank account is now available.  This enables employees to split their paycheck between more than one checking or savings account.

Establishing an additional direct deposit authorization is a simple process in EIS:

  1. Log in to the self-service portal via
  2. Click on the “Human Resources” tab.
  3. Choose “Direct Deposit” under Payroll and Compensation
  4. Click “Edit” to update account information
  5. If you currently have only one direct deposit account, select “Add row”
    • a. If you do not have an active direct deposit row (direct deposit detail), you will only be provided two options to (Add or Delete) a pending change previously entered. If no previous change has been made, you will only be provided the (Add) option.
    • b. Click “Save” to save your changes.

When adding a second direct deposit account, if a dollar amount is noted under “Deposit Type” in the first row, the second row can only be noted as “Balance”. If “Percent” is noted in the first row, the second row must either be noted as “Balance”, or a percentage that when added to the first row totals 100 percent. If only one direct deposit account is selected, “Percent” is the only option for “Deposit Type”.

Employees will be able to view the saved entry at the completion of the process. Changes will show in a “pending” status until BSC Payroll runs the processes to upload the self-service data. This process is run before each regular payroll is processed.