BSC Solution Source Newsletter - January 2014

In this issue:

  • Procurement Services:
    • Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change
  • Payroll:
    • ePAR Update – Adding Attachments with Employee Changes
    • Social Security & Medicare Taxable Wage Limits and Rates
    • Updated Federal Withholding Amounts
    • Verification of Employee Deductions
    • Employees Claiming Tax Exempt for Federal Withholding
    • Payroll Reminders, Deadlines & Dates
    • Payroll Exception Request
    • Distribution of IRS Form W-2 for 2013


Procurement Services

Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change

Effective January 1, 2014, the maximum state mileage reimbursement rate for travel by state employees in a personal vehicle was decreased to 56 cents per mile. This rate is consistent with the Internal Revenue Service's standard mileage rate.



ePAR Update – Adding Attachments with Employee Changes

When using the “employee change within department” action to make changes or additions to funding or additional pay items, you will need to add any attachments last.

If you are trying to add an attachment prior to making the funding or additional pay change, you will not be able to do so. By adding the attachment first, the funding and additional pay rows become locked and cannot be changed. While we are working to have this corrected, you will need to be aware of the issue and make sure that the attachment is added when all other changes have been made.

For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ePAR, access

Social Security & Medicare Taxable Wage Limits and Rates

The Social Security Administration increased the wage base required for Social Security tax from $113,700 to $117,000. The maximum Social Security tax payable by an employee will be $7,254 in 2014.

The requirement to withhold an additional .9 percent Medicare Tax from annual wages in excess of $200,000 beginning with wages paid on or after January 1, 2013 continues for 2014. There is no employer match for this additional Medicare Tax.

For information on the new additional Medicare Tax, see “Questions and Answers for the Additional Medicare Tax” on the Internal Revenue Service website:

Updated Federal Withholding Amounts

The IRS released updated 2014 federal income tax withholding rates in December 2013. Employees may notice a difference in the withholding rates beginning with their January 2, 2014 paycheck. The 2014 income tax withholding information is available online by accessing IRS 2014 Federal Withholding Information.

Verification of Employee Deductions

Updated deduction amounts for the State Employee Charitable Campaign and other employee elections began with the January 2, 2014 paycheck. Employees are encouraged to review their deductions to confirm any changes.

Employees Claiming Tax Exempt for Federal Withholding

The Internal Revenue Service requires employees claiming “exempt” from federal income tax withholding to submit an updated W-4 annually. Employees claiming “exempt” will be notified by email in early January. Anyone who does not update their status by February 15, 2014, will have their withholding status reset to “Single with Zero Allowances.”

Payroll Reminders, Deadlines for January & February

Employees are reminded that due to the federal banking holiday February 17, 2014, the semi-monthly pay date for February will be February 18, 2014.

Also, payroll deadlines for January and February 2014 are posted online at

Payroll Exception Request

A new payroll exception request was implemented beginning January 2014. The exception request will be required for requesting non-scheduled “off-cycle” payroll processing that is made as a result of missed payroll deadlines. The request will require the approval of the Department Head and appropriate Vice-President or Dean.

The Business Service Center will process approved exceptions in coordination with other scheduled payroll processing. The new payroll exception request was approved for implementation by the Business Services Operation Committee on October 9, 2013.

Distribution of IRS Form W-2 for 2013

It is almost that time of year again when employees will begin to prepare for the tax season. You are encouraged to sign up to receive the annual IRS Form W-2 electronically.

In addition to saving paper and time, there are several other benefits to employees who elect to receive the W-2 online:

  • Earlier access to the Form W-2.
  • No possibility the Form W-2 might be lost, stolen, delayed or misplaced.
  • You can retrieve the Form W-2 statements at any time of the day and on weekends on a secure website.
  • You can print multiple copies at your convenience.
  • Once you consent to receive the Form W-2 electronically, no action is needed in future years.

Learn how to sign up to receive the W-2 electronically by accessing

For employees at University of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas and UNT System Administration, W-2 Forms will be available on MyUNT/MyHSC during the last week of January. An email will be sent to notify employees who have elected electronic distribution that the form is available. For employees who still wish to receive paper W-2 forms, the documents will be mailed to home addresses and postmarked by January 31, 2014.


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