BSC Solution Source Newsletter - April 2013

In this issue:

  • Payroll Deadlines
  • Co-op Spotlight – Choice Facility Partners
  • TexFlex Debit Card Changes
  • April-May Training Opportunities


UNT System Contracts with CTP for Travel Planning

The University of North Texas (UNT) System Business Service Center (BSC) has contracted with Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) to serve as the preferred vendor for advance travel planning. CTP will be available for travel planning beginning May 15th through a dedicated web portal.

“CTP provides a “one-stop-shop” for any travel needs UNT System staff and faculty would have,” Susan Sims, BSC Director of Payments, said. “Also, travel rates are lower, and it features online approval and booking.”

In addition to the convenience CTP provides, using the preferred vendor alleviates paperwork required to pay for travel, and increases the level of customer service offered to travelers. CTP’s 24/7 customer service gives UNT System travelers peace of mind that is expected from any travel agency. The vendor’s after-hours service ensures faculty and staff will never be left stranded in a travel emergency or while on the road.

Through the use of this booking tool, travel complexities are handled rapidly, efficiently and with greater control than manual methods. Also, by using CTP as the preferred vendor, UNT System travelers are ensured direct access to a dedicated customer service manager who understands system travel needs, preferences, and travel policy.

More information regarding working with CTP for travel advance planning, and how to find the dedicated web portal will be available soon. Also available soon will be travel guidelines and the UNT Health Science Center voucher.

For questions regarding travel planning, call the BSC at 940-369-5500, toll free to 855-868-4357, or via email to .


Hourly Payroll Deadlines
Pay Period Time & Labor Deadline Pay Date
4/1/13 to 4/15/13 Noon,
Wednesday, May 01, 2013
4/16/13 to 4/30/13 Noon,
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
5/1/2013 to 5/15/2013 Noon,
Monday, June 3, 2013

Hourly paid employees' time must be in "approved" status by noon on the deadline dates noted above.


Co-op Spotlight – Choice Facility Partners

A number of state and privately sponsored buying cooperatives offer special pricing. Purchasing from a cooperative or taking advantage of a state contract may exempt the purchase from bidding requirements. To find a complete list of the cooperative agreements available for University of North Texas System member institutions, access

Highlighted in this issue is Choice Facility Partners, specializing in:

  • Facilities planning and facility contracts to meet needs for remediation, renovation and remodeling.
  • Supplies and service contracts including a unique school supply catalog.
  • Food contracts for bread, dairy, grocery, produce and cleaning/ware washing products.
  • Technology products, cloud services, software, consulting and resources for today's electronic demands.

Choice Facility Partners national cooperative offers quality legal procurement and contract solutions to meet UNT System purchasing requirements. This allows UNT System departments to act immediately to access needed contracts, saving time and money. No bidding is required.

Learn more about Choice Facility Partners online at

Human Resources

Changes Coming for TexFlex Debit Card Users

UNT System employees with debit cards for a TexFlex health care account or day care account will see changes starting in April.

Beginning April 1, 2013, employees have been able to use debit cards as either “debit” or “credit” cards. If you choose debit, you will need a personal identification number, or PIN, to use the card. If your spouse or a dependent also has a card for your account, they will use the same PIN you use. You will need the PIN for debit transactions at any location that accepts the PayFlex card – pharmacies, doctors’ offices, other health care providers, day care providers, etc.

To get a PIN, contact PayFlex Card Services by calling toll-free at 888-999-0121. Once you have a PIN, you can use the card right away. You will not need a PIN to use the card for credit.

This change is part of a new federal law that will reduce the amount of credit card fees that merchants pay. Some merchants may require you to choose debit and not let you use credit. This change does not affect the fees you pay for your TexFlex account or TexFlex debit card.

Beginning May 1, 2013, the card will have to be activated before you can use it. If you already have a card, it was pre-activated, and you do not need to do anything. New or replacement cards issued on or after May 1, however, will have to be activated by the owner. You can activate the card the same way you would activate any other debit or credit card. Each card will contain an activation label with a toll-free number. Dial 877-261-9951 to activate your cards.
If you have questions about these changes, please call the number on the back of your debit card.

April-May Training Opportunities

Course Number

Course Name

Date & Time

UNT Location

Dallas Location

HSC Location


Managing Generations in the Workplace

April 5, 2013
1:30-3 p.m.

Gateway 049

DAL1 212

Lib 116A


Image Now Information Session

April 11, 2013
10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Discovery Park E201A

DAL1 212


  International Student and Scholar Visa Workshop
(F & J Visas)
April 15, 2013
1-2:30 p.m.
Gateway 049 &
NTDP B-155


Asset Management User Training

April 18, 2013
8:30-10:30 a.m.

USB Training Room 138




International Scholars Workshop at UNT
(H-1b Visas)

April 22, 2013
1:30-3 p.m.

Gateway 049 &
NTDP B-155




ImageNow Projects and WebNow

April 25, 2013
1-5 p.m.

ITSS Training Room




Asset Management User Training

May 16, 2013
8:30-10:30 a.m.

USB Training Room 138



  • Managing Generations in the Workplace: Make the most of your multigenerational team by understanding how each individual’s unique strengths can create a positive and productive work environment. A brief video and open discussion will allow us to explore how we can better meet the mission of the university. Presented by the Office of Equity & Diversity, this session is one hour in length.
  • ImageNow Information Session: Topics include but are not limited to "What is ImageNow", imaging services role, departmental roles, terminology; and scenarios.
  • F & J Visas - International Scholars Workshop: Topics discussed include information for faculty and staff about the F-1 Visa program for students, and the J Visa student and scholar program. Enrollment and employment information for international students will also be included. Presented by UNT International.
  • Asset Management User Training: Staff members that maintain asset information for their department. This course details the responsibilities of the asset user and reporting activities for asset management at UNT. Attendees will learn how to maintain asset information (condition and location) in EIS FS and how to conduct the annual asset inventory required by all departments. Course registration is required.
  • H-1B Visas -  International Scholars Workshop: The workshop is designed to walk through the H-1B process at UNT and to allow faculty and staff the opportunity to ask questions. Hosted by UNT International.
  • ImageNow Projects and WebNow: Topics covered include project types, project mapping, adding to a project and capturing in projects. WebNow topics will include capturing a presentation, client settings, and demonstrations of capture and search.

More details regarding training opportunities are available online at

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