Setting the New Standard

 Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Report

The UNT System Business Service Center (BSC) was officially established September 1, 2011 to offer selected business services to member institutions in an effort to realize process efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in how these services are delivered. Our service areas are Client Services, Historically Underutilized Business Administration, Human Resources, Information Services, Payments, Payroll, and Purchasing. In our first year of operations, we introduced and implemented 70 process improvements, leading to more than $1 million in direct and indirect annual savings in each functional area. Process improvements resulted in redesigning the ways business functions are carried out. Through attrition and process efficiencies, we were able to accomplish this with approximately 25 percent less staff.

During FY 2012, one of the most notable process improvement projects rolled out by the BSC was online onboarding for all new employees at each institution. The online onboarding process is estimated to save the institutions approximately $985,396 annually. New employees will be ready to carry out their job functions on the first day, as opposed to waiting several days for network access, spending time in orientations, and filling out numerous documents. Learn more about our process improvements later in this Annual Report in the "Improving Quality" section.

We are particularly proud of our accomplishments, especially the cost savings. You will have the opportunity to review the savings we returned to our member institutions. On the "Facilitating Savings" page, you can see how we wrapped up FY 2012 and how the BSC intends to serve as a responsible steward of System funds.

Again, I welcome your attention to the FY 2012 BSC Annual Report, and as always we invite your feedback. Once you have had the opportunity to navigate through the report, you will see how our core values and our goals work in harmony to help us live up to our slogan: Shared Services, Shared Success.

Vision: Efficiently deliver exceptional service and solutions in a rewarding environment.

Mission: Support our member institutions by efficiently providing quality, cost-effective business services that are valued by our customers.

Core Values: Integrity - Innovation - Inclusiveness - Individual Growth - Initiative - Inspiring & Engaging Environment


Shared Services Goals